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Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Programme Purpose

We know that how people drink alcohol and take drugs is unique to the individual. It is our aim to help people at all stages, from a consumer who fears they drink too much and needs the help of their GP, to those who are experiencing an excruciating life that is dominated by addiction.

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Programme (AOD) exists to support people in Northern Sydney who are experiencing health difficulties because of drug and or alcohol disorders. We work collaboratively with local providers to ensure that our population receives high quality, timely and coordinated care. This process includes undertaking needs assessments to determine what health issues people have, and commissioning (or contracting) services to address these issues.

This process involves working with a range of organisations including the Local Health District (LHD), GP Practices and other Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). When these organisations work well together consumers feel valued, and experience the right care at the right time.

Our aim is to see a network of services that wraps around our consumers and their families, and supports our population to have a healthy and happy life, not at the mercy of their addictions.

Local Services

SDECC – AOD Intensive Support Program
Non-residential day rehabilitation, including individual counselling, care coordination, group programs and intensive outreach for people aged 14-25 years Services are available in Chatswood and Manly.
To access the program call 9977 0711.

Odyssey House Community Services 
Non-residential day rehabilitation for adults over 18 years old, including individual and group counselling, support to family members of people who have an addiction. Services available in Chatswood and Manly. To access the program call 1800 397 739.

Odyssey House Community Services – Drug & Alcohol Counselling
Non-residential day rehabilitation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults over 18 years old, including individual and group counselling, support to family members of people who have an addiction. Services available in Chatswood and Manly. To access the program call 1800 397 739.

ACON – Substance Support Counselling
Face-to-face in Surry Hills and remote access program (Skype or telephone) providing intensive, structured interventions within a harm reduction model to Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Intersex people with alcohol and other drug misuse issues. Up to 12 sessions with the ability to extend. To access the program call 1800 063 060.


These services are for people who live, work or go to school in the Northern Sydney Primary Health Network region. People can access these services without a referral.

How to access the services

Anyone can make a referral by calling the number listed under each program; this includes self-referrals. GPs can also refer people through the Mental Health Triage on 1300 782 391 or send a referral form via secure fax on 02 8072 6899.

GP Shared Care Alcohol and Other Drugs

Need support managing consumers who are misusing alcohol or other drugs?

Not sure how to have conversations about this with your consumers? 

Majority of the local government areas in Northern Sydney have an alcohol related admission rate that is higher than the NSW average. To address this, we are launching project to support GPs to manage consumers who are drinking at harmful or hazardous levels.

The aims of the project are:

  • Improve GP’s knowledge and understanding of drug and alcohol issues and brief intervention/ treatment options
  • Increased screening and identification
  • Development of a shared care model that improves access to timely AOD treatment including home detox/ assisted withdrawal, rehabilitation and Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST)
  • Training and support to provide brief interventions, management and aftercare
  • Improved information sharing and referral between primary, secondary and NGO services

Benefits of being involved:

  • Accredited training including ALMs resulting in more practitioner confidence to screen and manage consumers
  • Increased understanding of available Medicare items to reduce negative financial impact of providing longer consultations.
  • Increased knowledge of available services and clearer referral pathways.
  • Collaborative working with secondary and community LHD, NGO and primary care services.
  • Access to a GP toolkit that contains treatment and management resources.
  • Access to a supportive network of clinical experts.

If you would like to be involved please email Mariska Barnett: mbarnett@snphn.org.au

Telephone Support Services

For Clinicians: NSW Drug and Alcohol Specialist Advisory Service – DASAS

This service is a 24-hour free telephone services that advises on the clinical management of consumers with alcohol and other drug related problems. Advice is provided by on-call specialist medical consultants.

Advice includes:

Management of intoxication and withdrawal, Management of other clinical problems arising from AOD related issues, Advice on methadone and opiate treatments, Interactions between medications and illicit drugs, Referral and treatment options around NSW.

Inside Sydney Metro Area: 02 9361 8006
Outside Sydney Metro Area: 1800 023 687

For Consumers: Alcohol and Drug Information Services

  • The Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) – a 24-hour telephone service for alcohol and drug information, referrals and counselling
    Ph: 9361 8000 or 1800 422 599
  • The Opioid Treatment Line (OTL), provides information, support and advice regarding opioid substitution therapy
    Available 9:30am-5pm Monday- Friday
    Ph: 1800 642 428
  • The stimulant Treatment Line (STL) – a 24-hour service providing education, referrals, crisis counselling and support specifically around stimulant use (e.g. speed, ice, ecstasy, cocaine)
    Ph: 9361 8088 or 1800 101 188