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GPs in Schools

About GPs in Schools

Background to the GPs in Schools program

Entering senior high school is a significant, yet challenging time for many young people and as a result, for parents also. Questions may arise from either group regarding young people’s physical and mental health.

From a community perspective we may ask ourselves what is the best way for young people to get the physical and mental health information that will enable them to be health wise and thrive?

This is where our GPs in Schools program is making a real difference for local senior school students.

What is our GPs in Schools program?

GP’s in Schools equips young adults with a range of skills to navigate their health needs. It’s a three-hour interactive workshop allowing students to ask questions of, and learn from, a local General Practitioner. The array of questions asked may not be ordinarily covered in a regular visit to a GP.

The sessions are held in friendship groups, helping students talk freely and comfortably to the session leading GP. All the sessions are confidential. Only the General Practitioner and students are in the room. This makes students comfortable to ask questions that are important to their stage of life and personal development.

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What do the senior high school students gain from participating in the program?

Knowledge and confidence are gained, enabling students to better navigate the often-tricky healthcare system. The aim is to create the foundations for students to independently take responsibility for their future health and wellbeing.

Our local General Practitioners deliver powerful messages from health’s ‘front line’, telling it like it is. The GPs share stories from every day general practice, helping improve senior students understanding of life’s many and varied health facts.

How students rate the program

Students attending GPs in Schools rate the experience and learning highly.

Out of 4000 student evaluations:

  • 95% reported they would be more comfortable going to a GP
  • 98% would recommend the program to other students.
What local Year 11 student’s say about their participation in this program

“Before the program, I had no idea about the Medicare system and how bulk-billing worked.”

“I felt really comfortable to ask questions.”

“It was really cool to have doctors and medical pros talk to us about the health system.”

“I really liked how there was an anonymous box where we could ask anonymous questions.”

“Being in small groups created and honest and non-judgmental environment.”

“It was great how we could control how the session would go – we could ask questions that are important to us.”

See and hear what participating GPs, High School Principles and Year 11 students think about our GPs in Schools program. View our short video below.

Our GPs in Schools program aligns with NSW Department of Education’s Year 11 personal development courses

Sydney North Health Network’s GPs in Schools program aligns with the NSW Department of Education Life Ready course. To understand about the synergy between our program and the NSW Department of Education’s course please click here.

How long has our current GPs in Schools program been running?

The GPs in Schools program was developed over 20 years ago, in a differing format from that of today. Our current model of delivery has been running successfully for over three years now, yet the principles remain the same – local General practitioners interacting with senior school students to encourage health wise thinking and behaviours.

How the program helps senior students

Improving senior students personal understanding of General Practice, where and how a GP can help with students’ physical and mental health ensures we are building health wise adults.

This increased knowledge can also help put parents’ mind at ease. By having their senior student children participate in the program they can be assured their children will be better equipped to deal with life’s health challenges – physical and emotional.

By helping expand the GPs in Schools program to more schools in Sydney’s North, more senior students will acquire the relevant know-how for when and what to consult a GP about. This has the potential to make a world of difference to a young person and a difference to the world.

Which schools are we currently delivering the program to

Is your local school there? See list

Corporate partnership opportunity

GPs in Schools is managed directly by the SNHN Community Team. There are 93 high schools within the North Sydney Health Network. Over 100 trained GPs and Nurse facilitators will deliver the program to 50 high schools, representing approximately 8,000 young people aged 16 – 17 years in 2020/21. SNHN are currently seeking corporate partnerships to expand the program to reach all high schools and approximately 15,000 young people in our region in 2021/22.

GPs in Schools program: Corporate partnerships benefits

Impact – Make a lasting difference to the health and well-being of young people.

Reach – Target audience of young people aged 16 – 17 years (8,000+), GPs and Nurse Facilitators (100+), High School Year Advisors and School Counsellors (100+).

Promotion – Communicate your key messages. Benefit from promotional, social media campaigns, product display and sampling opportunities.

Branding and association – Build your brand association with the Sydney North Health Network and GPs in Schools program. Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility to your staff and stakeholders

Grow with us – Be part of the growth of the program and its impact as we strive to reach all high schools in the SNHN region.

Get in touch – To discuss a corporate partnership with SNHN and our GPs in Schools program, contact Kylie Pike, Corporate Partnerships Manager on E: kpike@snhn.org.au or P: (02) 9432 8264

Make a corporate donation

Another way your organisation can support the growth of the GPs in Schools program is by making a corporate donation.

Your donation goes towards the cost of providing the services of the General Practitioners who regularly present the program, educational resources and training. All presenting GPs are professionally trained, enabling them to understand the perspectives of their student audience and their diverse health needs.

We aim to have every senior student in the Northern Sydney region participate. If students understand healthcare and can make informed decisions about their health today, they can improve their wellbeing in the future. All the money you donate goes directly into program expansion.

The cost per school to deliver the program is approximately $6,300. Donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Without corporate partnerships or donations our capacity to expand our program in the coming year is unfortunately not possible.

Please donate today and help our Northern Sydney senior students be health wise and thrive.

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