Online exercise for seniors

Improve your flexibility, strength and balance from the comfort of your living room – without any special exercise equipment.


Daily activities help to maintain your physical condition. During isolation, many people will experience deterioration in muscular strength and flexibility.

This series of six videos are designed specifically for people that are staying at home, and not getting as much physical activity as usual, eg older people or those with medical conditions.


What is this for?

The videos will step you through an exercise program:

  • to help strengthen muscles in the upper and lower body, abdominal and back muscles, improving balance and flexibility.
  • to suit most people, allowing for all levels of fitness and ability
  • including the option to do the exercises seated or standing


How often would I do this?

It is recommended that you do the first video 1-3 times in the first week, and then each week move onto the next video in the series (again 1-3 times in the week). Once you have completed the six weeks, repeat the cycle to maintain or improve your physical condition.


Before you start:

These exercises are specifically designed for people with some physical limitations.

It is recommended that you complete stage 1 of this screening tool. If recommended, contact your doctor for advice regarding exercise.


All you need is:

  • a sturdy dining chair (preferably without arms)
  • some hand weights- cans of food or milk or water bottles filled with water -1 litre = 1 kg,
  • optional: small soft ball or balloon

Linda Michel will be your instructor. Linda is a registered/Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional specialising in exercise programming for older adults.

Exercise videos