Live life and get active today!

Live Life Get Active is a registered health promotion charity focused on health, fitness and wellness. Sydney North Health Network is pleased to be able to offer free online access to their health and wellbeing program to those who live or work in the Northern Sydney region.

What Live Life Get Active can offer – for free:

  • free group outdoor exercise sessions in a number of local parks, as well as daily live-stream and pre-recorded online sessions for fun workouts in your home or garden
  • make people aware of their health issues, lifestyle behaviours and nutrition habits
  • tailored nutrition plans and recipes
  • regular happiness coaching
  • caring and professional trainers to support a true path of positive change
  • sessions that address the anxieties people are facing during the pandemic and outlines coping strategies


Live Life Get Active seeks to address:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • mental health
  • illness recovery
  • social disconnection: they aim to bring all sorts of people together and provide them with a sense of belonging in a welcoming environment.

For more details or to get started with free workouts and nutrition plans created by professionals, visit the Live Life Get Active website.

Before you register…

  • If you’d like to jump straight to registration, click here (please note: the registration process takes about 10 minutes).
  • When you are asked to select the ‘Preferred camp’ you would like to attend, select ‘Sydney North – online’ from the dropdown list.