Mental Health


Psychosocial Support Service

Psychosocial Support Service

Description of Services

Psychosocial Support Services are non-clinical services, such as services to build social skills, maintain stable living arrangements or maintain physical wellbeing.

Mission Australia provides practical psychosocial support services for people who are experiencing mental illness across the Northern Sydney PHN region.

This may include:

  • Support with daily living and housing
  • Social connectedness
  • Support to access education, training or employment
  • Physical wellbeing support
  • Support to maintain engagement with mental health treatment
  • Information, referral and advocacy.

A service flyer is available HERE.


The Psychosocial Support Service is available for people living within the Northern Sydney PHN region who have a severe mental illness and who are not eligible for the NDIS.

Access the services

People can self-refer or be referred by other agencies/family members/friends with the person’s consent.

A referral form is available HERE.

Referrals can be sent to northernsydneyservices@missionaustralia.com.au.

Phone: (02) 9480 2500

Office hours: 9am – 5pm

Website: https://www.missionaustralia.com.au/

GPs or psychiatrists can also refer patients via Mental Health Triage.

For any enquiries – please call Mental Health Triage on 1300 782 391, alternatively please send a completed Referral Form via secure fax on 02 8072 6899. GPs to also attach a Mental Health Treatment Plan and outcome measure.