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Primary Care Support

Primary Care Support

Primary Care Advancement Team

The Sydney North Health Network’s (SNHN) Primary Care Advancement Team (PCAIT) is an experienced group of primary care experts that are working with GPs, practice nurses, practice managers and practice staff to help better the patient experience so that patients receive the right care, in the right place at the right time.

What support we can provide

Meet the team

The Primary Care Advancement Team members are:

  • Sue Barry (Primary Care Advancement Manager)
  • Kim Kindler
  • Hema Patel
  • Pat Simmonds
  • Shilpa Ladhe
  • Suruchi Pandey
  • Cheryl Uren
  • Jenny Hughes
  • Pai Mangwiro

To speak to a member of the PCAIT team, please contact Sydney North Health Network on (02) 9432 8250 or email

Benefits for the Practice

Working together with the PCAIT provides:

  • Access to an experienced team of Primary Care Advancement Coordinators available to respond to a broad range of practice support needs.
  • Opportunity to engage with training and quality improvement activity.
  • Timely communication of opportunities to work together on innovative models, in support of primary care service integration, coordination and improving patient-centred experience.