Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2022/23

AGM Videos 2021/22

Community Video Vignette

Services such as aged care, housing, disability services, transport, and education play a key role in a patient’s well-being. It is our goal to connect community support services to local health providers. Here you will see snapshots of our GPs in Schools, Hornsby Village Hub and Indigenous Women’s group programs, the winter resilience campaign, and our support for Street Side Medics.

Primary Health Care Video Vignette

This video highlights how we build multidisciplinary relationships to deliver team-based care. It features our Allied Health grants program, the Emotional Wellbeing of Older People service, Head to Health, Heart Connect, and the Person-Centred Medical Home model.

Integration Video Vignette

Our Integrated Care video shows how we coordinate care services. Successful health services are organised around patient needs. This is a fundamental SNHN strategy. This vignette explains our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital health, the geriatrician outreach service, Project ECHO for palliative care, and Shared Care for Kids.