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Medical Apps

Medical Apps

Medical apps aim to assist people to manage their health by learning about and tracking health information. Apps can help you and your health professional(s) to maintain and improve your health.

This page contains some medical apps available in Australia. If you see a medical app that is not listed below and should prove useful to others, please suggest it by using the “Suggest a Medical App” button.

Special thanks to Dr Hans Blom who put together the Medical Apps list on this page.

NEW: Digital Health Guide

The Digital Health Guide is designed to enable health care professionals to navigate the confusing space of digital health apps and websites.

It enables you to quickly assess the efficacy of an app that a patient may already be using, as well as the ability to find and “prescribe” an app with confidence.

Sydney North Health Network (SNHN) is offering all primary health providers in the northern Sydney region a complimentary two-year subscription to the Digital Health Guide develop by Semantic Consulting.

Semantic Consulting is an Australian company, founded by Tim Blake in 2012, they work with health organisations across the public and private sector to develop Digital Health Strategies.  These strategies explore the potential for new models of care based on digital technology, including mobile apps, consumer health devices and wearables, digital health communities, consumer genomics, precision medicine, Patient Reported Outcomes, gamification, etc.

You may receive your login details directly from SNHN, however you can request access to receive your User Name and Password here.

Semantic Consulting ask for your suggestions for content you feel would improve the Digital Health Guide at:

SNHN Digital Health Team are keen to help with additional training on this or other aspects of digital health. Please contact