There are currently no tenders, please check back soon.

To be kept up to date on SNHN's tenders, please register with our eProcurement portal, TenderLink.

Using TenderLink

Service providers can keep up to date with our latest tenders by registering on our eTender Portal.

Registration is easy and free when you access the portal via SNHN's Tenderlink page, and it only takes a few minutes. Register here using the "Registration" tab: https://www.tenderlink.com/snphn/

One of the benefits of registering is that the portal will send an email directly to you each time a new Tender application is released. You can then log in, and have direct access to download the associated documents. The portal can also be used to post questions and answers about specific tenders, with the responses available to other potential applicants so everyone has access to the same information.

Responses are lodged electronically via a secure eTender box, and you will receive electronic acknowledgement and receipt.

For Tenderlink technical support, please call 1800 233 533.