The ‘WellNet’ integrated care program was jointly funded by SNPHN and Sonic Clinical Services and has since expanded to involve four major private health insurers – BUPA, HCF, NIB, and Teachers Health Fund. It is built on an evidence based framework of delivering a GP led, patient centred healthcare home. The program provides a suite of targeted healthcare interventions for patients with complex conditions in a stepped approach, providing care through the patients regular GP.

The aim is to support a proactive, yet targeted approach to delivering care and includes risk stratification of patients, care planning, care coordination, electronic health records, after hours support and patient-centred care.

Six general practices are currently participating with over 340 patients enrolled at the end of June 2017. Over the next 3 years, the clinical outcomes and hospital service usage will be monitored by the SNPHN, as well as the ability of the program to support general practice to transform care delivery and the patient’s aptitude to proactively engage in their own care.