Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

Primary healthcare is a whole-of-community responsibility. As a community-focused organisation, Sydney North Health Network (SNHN) is now inviting corporate organisations that share our vision of Achieving Together – Better Health, Better Care, to consider partnering with us.

As a not-for-profit organisation, partnerships have always been the essence of our approach. Sydney North Health Network is now extending this approach to corporate partnerships for our mutual benefit.

Your business, when combined with our cause, can make a real difference to our community’s health outcomes – one that can be life-changing and, in some cases, even life-saving.

Through a strategic approach and solid branding, you’ll receive:

  • outstanding brand awareness and engagement
  • promotion and advertising support for your brand message
  • an ability to reach primary health professionals.

Your business will benefit from this exclusive and powerful opportunity, enabling the formation of enduring relationships with our professional health networks.

Do you want to build your business with our health provider network? Are you keen to create brand awareness within a key professional group? Now is the time to see our Partnership Prospectus to see how you can benefit from a partnership with us.

Please contact Kylie Pike on kpike@snhn.org.au to discuss the opportunity to discover the best alignment for your organisation’s business and request a tailored proposal.


Our Corporate Partners

Self-Care Partner

Consumer Healthcare Products (CHP) Australia is the leading industry voice representing the manufacturers and distributors of consumer healthcare products, including nonprescription medicines. Additionally, we represent businesses that support the consumer healthcare products industry.

We believe Australians’ health and healthcare system are best served by robust healthcare policies that deliver evidence-based solutions to raise health literacy, promote self-care and support the quality use of medicines.

Our mission is to advance consumer health through responsible self-care.

Consumer Healthcare Products (CHP) Australia’s partnership with Sydney North Health Network’s GPs in Schools program as a Self-Care Partner represents our shared passion for empowering young Australians to improve their health and enhance their well-being. 

Did you know one-third of all disease in Australia can be prevented? Therefore, it’s important to understand the simple health steps (also known as ‘self-care’) you can follow to take better care of your health.

 When people think ‘self-care’ it’s often all about meditating or putting aside a bit of ‘me time’ but self-care actually goes a lot further.

Good self-care helps us to stay healthy, prevent disease, and better deal with illness and ongoing chronic conditions. It’s also about knowing when and where to get help from a health care professional.