Climate and Health

Climate Change is a health issue

Climate change is increasingly harming our health – through extreme weather, severe heat, infectious disease, increased allergens, and mental health impacts. The most vulnerable people are being impacted the most.

Effective climate action will protect and promote our community’s health, resulting in: cleaner air, healthier diets, greener and cooler cities, and more connected communities.

Sydney North Health Network (SNHN) recognises our responsibility and opportunity to act and is developing programs and resources to help our community and primary care providers to  address climate risks. You are welcome to use and share these resources.

SNHN is working with our partners – councils, community organisations, health providers– to address climate risks in our region.

Zero Emissions Sydney North – A local community group taking practical action on climate change.

Sustainable Living Guide – A guide on how to make simple lifestyle changes to benefit the environment, which also save money.

Warringah’s Roadmap to Zero – A community guide for locals to learn and share ways to be more sustainable and reduce carbon emissions.

Clean Air Schools – CleanAir Schools is working with scientists from the University of NSW to monitor air quality inside and outside classrooms to better understand the environment that Australia’s children learn and play in.

Better Business Partnership – A free business sustainability program from Kuringai, North Sydney and Willoughby Councils

Low-carbon respiratory care: a series for GPs and other healthcare professionals


Climate-Health waiting room posters and health advice: These posters have been developed by SNHN and the RACGP. Primary care providers are welcome to display these in their waiting rooms, either in hard copy or electronic format. The QR codes link to health advice, which could be used as the basis for discussions with patients. 

Poster 1 – Extreme heat

Poster 2 – Extreme heat

Poster 3 – Extreme heat

Poster 4 – Air pollution and asthma

Poster 5 – Bushfires

Poster 6 – Air pollution and pregnancy

Poster 7 – Extreme weather

Climate and Health Co-benefits Poster

Climate Change and Australia’s Healthcare Systems – A Review of Literature, Policy and Practice

The climate crisis: What every health professional needs to know – 40 minute webinar by Dr Kate Charlesworth, former SNHN Climate Risk Lead.

Reducing our impact in general practice: what can we do? – 1 hour webinar, from WA Primary Health Alliance.

Inhalers and the environment: What are the issues, and what can Australian doctors do? – 15 minute video by Dr Brett Montgomery, GP in Perth.

Respiratory Inhalers – How to get the best outcomes for your patients and the planet


Other resources:

Australian Glossary on Health and Climate Change – The glossary aims to support collaborations on health and climate change to turn research outcomes into policies and practices.

Climate change and Cardiovascular disease – 40 minute presentation by Cardiologist Dr Fiona Foo.

Australian Psychological Society – Climate Change – Resources to help people understand climate change, how to cope with it, and how to get involved in effectively addressing climate change.

Global Green &Healthy Hospitals

Doctors for the Environment Australia

Climate & Health Alliance

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

Greener NHS

Northern Sydney Local Health District – Planetary Health

SNHN Climate & Health Strategy – SNHN’s Strategy places a climate focus over our strategic direction, creating an organisation that considers the impact of climate on health in all our operational policies, procedures and decisions.

SNHN Climate and Health Strategy Stakeholder Report – This report summarizes the results of our stakeholder consultations and sets out our priority actions for the next 6-12 months.

The climate crisis: What every health professional needs to know – 40 minute webinar by Dr Kate Charlesworth, SNHN Climate Risk Lead

Northern Sydney Local Health District – Planetary Health program – The NSLHD Planetary Health Framework 2021–2023 outlines the district’s vision to become a more environmentally aware and sustainable organisation in the field of planetary health.

How to set up a climate-health program in a PHN: the SNHN experience – A 1-page guide to establishing a climate-health program

Local Council Environment/Sustainability websites