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External Events

External Events

Sydney Child Health Program for Primary Health Networks


PROVIDER:  Issued by the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and endorsed by the University of Sydney


Treating children and young people is a privilege. It requires a solid foundation of knowledge and perpetual learning to ensure that the latest evidence is applied in daily practice to ensure the best health outcomes.

The Sydney Child Health Program (SCHP) provides this in a one year, annually updated course that reaches out to share expertise from The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network.

SCHP is a readily accessible comprehensive overview of paediatrics from neonates to adolescents. It provides the opportunity to refresh and expand paediatric knowledge through connecting with experienced clinicians in each field. Feedback from Participants and Alumni reinforces the enormous benefits of the SCHP in their day to day practice.

Becoming part of the The Sydney Child Health Program Alumni extends the benefits of SCHP through life long free access to this clinically relevant and readily applicable course. New search functionality will enable SCHP to be used for clinical decision support with availability on any device with internet connectivity.

CLICK HERE for more information or to enrol.

HETI – Mental Health Higher Education and Training in Psychiatric Medicine


PROVIDER: Health Education and Training Institute (HETI)

DATE: Ongoing


The NSW Institute Of Psychiatry has redesigned its former mental health higher education programs into two new contemporary higher education frameworks, commencing in February 2017. The frameworks of Psychiatric Medicine and Applied Mental Health Studies are cutting edge and will enable mental health practitioner students to study in inter-professional courses, with grounded application to their varied areas of mental health practice.

The Psychiatric Medicine Framework provides an innovative approach to general practitioner mental health education as this course has been developed to provide learning pathways for medical practitioners in their respective fields.

The Psychiatric Medicine Framework facilitates inter-professional collaboration and offers students the opportunity to study alongside and learn from other medical specialists. This includes:

  • General Practitioners
  • Psychiatry Trainees
  • Rural and Remote Medicine Specialists

While the Psychiatric Medicine course is designed to meet the Stage 1 and 2 course requirements of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College Psychiatrists (RANZCP) for psychiatry trainees, all teaching and learning assessments are focused on application to respective medical practice. The developed therapeutic electives will ensure that the learning needs of General Practitioners and Rural and Remote Medicine Specialists are similarly met. The learning pathways for General Practitioners and for Rural and Remote Medicine Specialists have been designed in consultation with the Royal Australian College General Practitioners (RANZCP) and with the Australian College Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) and with reference to their curricula.

There are scholarships available for NSW based general practitioners to support their study in Psychiatric Medicine. Information on these opportunities are found here.

HETI has recently been registered as a higher education provider by the national regulatory body that oversights higher education, the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA). This achievement was made possible by the transition of NSW Institute of Psychiatry (NSWIOP) to become a Mental Health Portfolio of HETI. This transition is expected to be completed by 1 January 2017. It is a first in Australia for a state health entity to be registered and has some significant opportunities for developing learning pathways for the health workforce.

REGISTRATION: Visit Psychiatric Medicine FrameworkApplied Mental Health Studies, or contact either Dr Rod McKay at Rod.mckay@health.nsw.gov.au or Dr Amanda Rosso Buckton at Amanda.rossobuckton@health.nsw.gov.au

ENQUIRIES: Should further detail on the courses be needed, please contact:

GP Education in 2018


PROVIDER: North Shore, Castlecrag and Hunters Hill Private Hospitals


Category 2 Evening Sessions 6.30 – 9.00pm (topics to be confirmed)

  • Tuesday 27 February
  • Wednesday 21 March
  • Tuesday 8 May
  • Thursday 26 July
  • Wednesday 24 October

Category 1 Active Learning Modules (ALM) 40 points


  • Saturday 2 June

Women’s Health Series – Breasts, Gynaecology and Obstetrics

  • Tuesday 21 August
  • Tuesday 11 September
  • Tuesday 25 September

TIME: Evening Sessions 6.30 – 9.00pm

VENUE: North Shore Private Hospital


Visit: www.northshoreprivate.com.au
Email: Wendy Bierer at BiererW@ramsayhealth.com.au or
Call: on 0419 201 105

Authorised Nurse Immuniser updates – bookings now open


PROVIDER: Northern Sydney Public Health Unit


Macquarie Hospital, Emily’s Training room

  • Friday 14/09/2018: 2 – 4 pm
  • Friday 5/10/2018: 2 – 4 pm

Royal North Shore Hospital,  Kolling Building

  • Monday 24/09/2018: 2 – 4 pm
  • Monday 8/10/2018: 2 – 4 pm


Northern Sydney Public Health Unit is holding 4 immunisation education events for 2018.
If you are not an ANI but work regularly in immunisation it is recommended that you follow the same education requirements.

REGISTRATION: To book click on this link.

2018 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference



DATE: 24 – 26 September

VENUE: Sydney Masonic Centre, Sydney


The Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference (28th Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine) is the premier HIV Conference in Australia and the Asia and Pacific region.

The annual conference is run by ASHM as a platform for the dissemination and presentation of new and innovative research findings across the Australasian HIV sector.

REGISTRATION: For more information and to register, please visit the website.

Better Questions Workshop


PROVIDER: Better Questions Are the Answer

DATE: 26 September 2018

TIME: 9.00am – 3.30pm

VENUE: ACON,  414 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills NSW


Do you want to enable people to be more engaged, resourceful, motivated, empowered and to take more responsibility? You have the ability to achieve this through one conscious act…by changing the way you communicate with them.

COST: $330pp (inc $30 GST)

REGISTRATION: Email info@betterquestions.com.au or Call us on 1300 695 377

Click here for event flyer

The role of My Health Record in supporting safer integrated healthcare and our National Digital Health Strategy


PROVIDER: Macquarie University – Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

DATE: 28 September 2018

TIME: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

VENUE: Macquarie Theatre, 27 Wally’s Walk, Macquarie University, New South Wales 2109


The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences invites you to attend a seminar delivered by Professor Meredith Makeham on Friday 28 September 2018. The title of Professor Makeham’s lecture is ‘The role of My Health Record in supporting safer integrated healthcare and our National Digital Health Strategy.’

Professor Makeham leads initiatives at the Australian Digital Health Agency to ensure that digital health services are evidence based and maintained on the cutting edge of discovery in Australia and internationally. She has an academic background in digital health research, a PhD in Patient Safety and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

REGISTRATION: Register online

How close are we to a cure for Alzheimer’s disease?



DATE: Friday, 12th Oct 2018

TIME: 9:30am – 4:30pm

VENUE: Level 4, Holme Building, Science Rd. University of Sydney, NSW 2006

REGISTRATION: To register please visit: https://www.trybooking.com/383961

Australian Association of Practice Management Conference



DATE: Tuesday 16 – Friday 19 October 2018

VENUE: National Convention Centre Canberra


The program includes workshops, plenaries, masterclasses and other sessions covering topics ranging from Medicare items and audits through to digital health, case studies and information on developing your practice management career path.

It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with other practice managers while you are at conference and share approaches to overcoming the daily challenges faced in your practice.

REGISTRATION: Register here

MORE INFORMATION: For more information, visit the website.

Breathlessness Evening Seminar


PROVIDER: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

DATE: Wednesday, 17 October 2018

TIME: 6:00pm – 8.00pm

VENUE: Lecture Theatre 1, Level 5, 431 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037


Come along to Woolcock Institute of Medical Research Breathlessness Evening Seminar on Wednesday, 17 October 2018. Our clinical experts Dr Tracy Smith and Professor Len Kritharides will cover the key recommendations for recognising, diagnosing and managing patients with breathlessness.

REGISTRATION: Register online here.

Nicotine Addiction and Smoking Cessation – 3 Day Course


PROVIDER: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

DATE: Wednesday, 23 – 25 October 2018

TIME: 9:00am – 5:00pm  

VENUE:  Lecture Theatre 1, Level 5, 431 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037


Join our Nicotine Addiction and Smoking Cessation Course in Sydney, Australia, to gain indepth knowledge and skills to work as a Tobacco Treatment and Smoking Cessation Specialist.

REGISTRATION: Register online here.

Medical Update for GPs: Musculoskeletal Health


PROVIDER: Sydney Adventist Hospital

DATE: Wednesday 24 October 2018

TIME: 6:15pm to 9:00pm


This activity aims to provide GPs with an update on the latest information and research in the area of Musculoskeletal health. The conference will feature presentations on:

  • Rheumatological tips, traps, pearls and pitfalls in inflammatory arthritis – Dr Michael Tjeuw
  • Hand and Wrist Pain – Dr Ian Hargreaves
  • Workup of back and neck pain – A/Prof James van Gelder

REGISTRATION: Register online at  http://www.sah.org.au/event-calendar or call 02 9487 9871.

IUSTI Asia Pacific Sexual Health Congress


PROVIDER: International Union for Sexually Transmitted Infections –Asia Pacific, the NZ Sexual Health Society and the Australasian Sexual Health Alliance

DATE: 1 – 3 November 2018

VENUE: Auckland NZ


He muka nō te taura whiri’, ‘Many Strands Make up one Rope’

The proverb refers to the many strands that make up one rope. When the rope is tightly bound, it symbolises unity and strength. When the rope starts to unravel however, it threatens stability and weakens the effectiveness of the rope to the function as it was intended. The Congress is focusing on bringing together the many strands of sexual health in order to provide stability and strength to the sexual health workforce and strengthening bonds between specialists, GPs, nurses, researchers, health promoters, educators and others in Public Health working in the field of sexually transmissible infections including HIV & AIDS and sexual and reproductive health.

MORE INFORMATION and REGISTRATION: For more details and to register, please click here.

Dealing with Anxiety Disorders


PROVIDER: Black Dog Institute

DATE: Saturday 10th November

TIME: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

VENUE: The Killara Golf, 556 Pacific Highway, Killara NSW 2071


This highly interactive 6 hour workshop aims to provide GPs with a comprehensive theoretical understanding of anxiety disorders together with an extensive range of skills and strategies to better manage anxiety in their practices. Clinical scenarios form the basis of the learning as participants explore how anxiety disorders arise, how they are maintained and the role general practitioners can
play in addressing these effectively.

COST: $50 (Generously subsidised by EISS Super, normally $360)

REGISTRATION: Register Online Here or email education@blackdog.org.au for more info

2018 Myanmar Clinical Conference



DATE: 15-19 November 2018

CPD: 30 Category 2 RACGP points

TARGET AUDIENCE: GPs, specialists and healthcare professionals

SPEAKERS: Dr Joe Dunn-Psychiatrist  and Dr Connie Katelaris – Immunology 


  • Identify games patients play and develop appropriate responses.
  • Evaluate wellness in terms of psychological, emotional and physical health
  • Upskill knowledge of current new management options in severe asthma, food allergies, urticarial and psychiatry

Click here for event brochure

For the full itinerary contact Diane Morel from Medical Tours Australia T: 02 47545000 / info@medicaltoursaustralia.com.au


International Domestic Violence and Health Conference: Sustainable Change in the Health Sector


PROVIDER: Safer Families CRE

DATE: 21-22 November

VENUE: Melbourne


With health care services often at the forefront of identifying and responding to domestic violence, it is vital health practitioners are equipped with how to respond effectively and safely.

The Safer Families CRE is proud to present its inaugural International Domestic Violence and Health Conference 2018: Sustainable Change in the Health Sector Melbourne, November 21-22, 2018.  

Our conference invites practitioners, health service managers, community leaders, policymakers, researchers and survivors from all over the world, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander and First Nations people to share in the latest insights and technology for responding to the complexities of domestic violence.

Registrations open 27 April 2018

Enquiries: simone.gleeson@unimelb.edu.au

Global Obstetric Update 2018


PROVIDER: Mercy Perinatal

DATE: 29 November – 1 December 2018

VENUE: Park Hyatt, Melbourne Australia


Dealing with the ‘placenta gone rogue’… preeclampsia, growth restriction and accreta.
Manchester, Cambridge, Texas, Edinburgh, Perth, Sydney…. Experts from across the globe descend on Melbourne to present THE definitive clinical update for 2018.

Telephone: 03 8458 4753
Email: mercyperinatal@mercy.com.au
Website: www.mercyperinatal.com

Chronic Care Network Forum


PROVIDER: The Agency for Clinical Innovation

DATE: Friday 30 November 2018

TIME: 8.30am-3.30pm

VENUE: Kirribilli Club, 11 Harbourview Crescent Lavender Bay


Speakers include:

  • Dr John Mackenzie Emergency Physician, ACI Emergency Care Institute
  • Associate Professor Paul Wrigley Senior Staff Specialist, Pain Medicine Northern Sydney LHD
  • Paul Wildin Frequent User Program Manager, NSW Ambulance

…with presentations and projects showcasing work from Chronic & Complex Care, Primary Care, Alcohol & Other Drugs, Chronic Pain, Aboriginal Health and Mental Health.

REGISTRATION: A registration link will be available in October along with a detailed program.

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