Community Success Stories

Community Success Stories

Each month we publish a new story about how improving health and care can change the lives of the Northern Sydney community for the better. These stories showcase the work of our local healthcare providers and highlight the role of the Sydney North Health Network to enable better health and better care.

Help from hospital to home

Residents in the Northern Sydney suburbs need not feel alone when returning home after a stint in hospital, thanks to two hospital discharge follow-up services funded by Sydney North Health Network, provided under the Australian Government’s financial support of the PHN program. These short-term ‘hospital to home’ support services (up to 12 weeks), run by Just Better Care and Kincare, help people settle back into their home life after hospital surgery, while helping reduce the risk of re-admittance to hospital. 338 people received help from the services in 2019 alone.

What is person-centred care?
And how it’s helping improve people’s health and wellbeing

Person-centred care may well be the future of general practice in Australia, and it’s here now in Sydney’s North. A person-centred care model combines the traditional values of a family-focused medical practice – providing comprehensive, coordinated, integrated, quality care – easily accessible, along with an ongoing, active relationship between a person and their healthcare team.

The Facts about Flu Vaccination
dr peter brennan_hero

We all dread the flu season, but when is the best time for you to get the influenza vaccination and why? The Sydney North Health Network has interviewed the head of a hospital emergency department, a local GP and pharmacist, and a young patient to uncover the facts about the flu vaccination and the best time to get it.

Connected Mobs: Improving cultural connection, mental health & physical wellbeing in Northern Sydney’s Aboriginal Community
Clarence Bruinsma_webres2

Connected Mobs is a group that meets monthly in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Its aim is to bring Aboriginal families together in the region for cultural connection and improved social, and emotional wellbeing, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach within healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

It's Personal – Accessing Youth Mental Health Services
Andrew – Low Res

Accessing youth mental health services and providing ongoing support to children and young people with mental health issues is growing, indicating the need for increasing the effectiveness and focus of youth mental health investment.

Why leave my Health on Record?

The question really is, would you benefit from having a My Health Record? Recently there has been some vigorous debate about the benefits or drawbacks of having a My Health Record.

Regular cancer screening may save your life

Fit and healthy mother of two, Regina Marchant, was diagnosed with breast cancer by BreastScreen NSW in August 2014, just two months after her 50th birthday. Screen for early detection of cancer, don’t delay.

Cervical Screening: More accurate, less often

Did you know cervical screening has changed? Watch this video about the new test and screening process. Identifying cancer at an early stage is key for easier treatment.

Bowel Screening: National Bowel Cancer Screening information

In this video, discover the importance of bowel cancer screening. 90% of bowel cancers can be successfully treated if detected early.

Are you ready for winter's woes?

Get your flu vaccination.
Young children and the elderly are at the highest risk of becoming seriously ill from the flu.

Teresa's Turnaround through Connected Care

Learn how General Practitioners and Social Workers
collaborate to improve lives in Sydney’s North.