External Events

Managing Chronic Hepatitis B

Liver cancer, a large proportion of which is attributable to chronic hepatitis B, is the fastest increasing cause of cancer death in Australia. In Northern Sydney PHN, over 10,000 people are living with CHB, and only 26% of them are engaged in care.

Dealing with Anxiety Disorders

This highly interactive workshop aims to provide GPs with a comprehensive theoretical understanding of anxiety disorders together with an extensive range of skills and strategies to better manage anxiety in their practices.

Perinatal in Practice

The perinatal period is a time of heightened risk for a variety of mental health conditions. Despite the portrayal of early parenthood as a time of unmitigated joy and fulfilment, many new parents experience a different reality.

Dealing with Adolescent Depression

The program aims to help general practitioners develop confidence in relating to teenagers, understanding their issues and distinguishing those who are experiencing normal adolescent difficulties from those with a clinical mood disorder.

2017 Annual Paediatric Update For General Practitioners

2017 Annual Paediatric Update for General Practitioners conference being held at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. This conference provides updates on current best practice in paediatric medicine, to assist GPs in a practical way in their day-to practice.