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Culture & Diversity

Culture & Diversity

Sydney North Health Network is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive working environment where people choose to work. We strive to maintain an open culture, in which everyone is a contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. In our weekly update meetings employees share information and are able to ask questions directly to our CEO and other Executives about any number of organisational issues.

Our office space is designed to encourage interactions between individuals within and across teams, and to inspire conversation about work as well as outside interests. Our teams regularly enjoy lunch together in our large kitchen area and we have a social committee that organises regular events for staff to enjoy.

The SNPHN Executive Team and Board support a diverse and inclusive workplace at all levels of the organisation and believe this will build a culture of openness, where all ideas are respected, and innovation is fostered. We want to help our people to be their best, so we can make a real difference to both our organisation and our community in primary healthcare.

The Human Resources team at SNPHN is dedicated to providing expert support to all employees for recruitment, professional development, career management, benchmarking, performance management, employee and industrial relations, work health and safety, workers compensation and rehabilitation.

Values Driven Culture

During our months of establishment our staff worked together to decide on five core organisational values. As a result we have five core values that underpin everything we do. These are:

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These values are the foundation of our workplace culture and are embedded into all our systems, policies and procedures. Underpinning our values are behaviours that all individuals will own, demonstrate and live on a daily basis.

These values are embedded into our entire organisation by designing systems and processes that incorporate these constructive behaviours. From our recruitment and selection processes, through to our engagement, well-being and reward and recognition program that support the high performing culture we are striving for, our values continue to form the foundation off which we build and grow.

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