Three online training modules: The Trans Vitality: Trans Affirming Practice eLearning; Trans and Gender Diverse Sexual Health ELearning and Recognise and Respond







The three online training modules are:

  • The Trans Vitality: Trans Affirming Practice eLearning
  • Trans and Gender Diverse Sexual Health ELearning, in collaboration with ASHM
  • Recognise and Respond, in collaboration with the Black Dog Institute

These three education packages have been developed with such grit and determination, often through very challenging times. Thank you to ACON’s remarkable Trans Health Equity and Pride Training teams and to our colleagues at ASHM (Bianca, Sarah and Jessica) the Black Dog Institute (Jo, Sarah, Janey and Julia), and to the many advisors we have worked so closely with for these projects, across Australia. I’m so proud of the great deal of work that has gone into these new resources over the past year, including from many hundreds of trans people – binary and non-binary who contributed throughout the co-design processes, case study development, testing, evaluation, and implementation of these programs.


The first two are geared toward those who may benefit from learning more about trans people, our needs and how to work with us in affirming ways. All three are helpful for community members, although Recognise and Respond has been built specifically for anyone needing some more skills in supporting someone in distress. More details below.


  • The Trans Vitality: Trans Affirming Practice eLearning

Trans Vitality is a multidimensional suicide prevention, resilience, and capacity building project for trans people and health professionals, funded by NSW Health.


This new eLearning represents the next phase of Trans Vitality, by seeking to strengthen trans-affirming practice across NSW. The 3-hour self-paced online program will increase knowledge, skills and confidence when working with trans people of all genders and comprises four interactive and creative learning modules.


The Trans Vitality eLearning has been co-designed by ACON’s Pride Training and the Trans Health Equity Teams, reviewed by medical professionals and trans community advisors.


The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has accredited the eLearning with 6 CPD points, this is the first trans-affirming training program in Australia that is RACGP accredited at this level. Look, it’s because it’s just a really incredible program.


You can sign up to the eLearning here. We have several hundred free licenses left for those in NSW, but we don’t expect these to last very long. Proceeds from sales of this eLearning go to ACON’s Trans Health Equity team.


  • Trans and Gender Diverse Sexual Health eLearning

Developed with ASHM, (the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine), this eLearning marks an exciting new development of sexual health resources and information made by and for trans people, and for the many health professionals that support and affirm us.


ACON has been very active in developing affirming sexual health care practices through our clinics CheckOUT and trans[TEST], as well as through the development of our many sexual health resources over the years. This training takes this expertise and places it in the hands and clinical spaces of the health professionals who provide us care.


Over 5 modules, this eLearning takes you through the basics of trans-affirming care (the process of being affirming to trans people in healthcare) and of gender affirming care (health care related to gender affirmation), as well as the specific sexual health needs of trans people and how to support them. These modules are brought to life with over a dozen colourful case studies featuring trans community models who present with very real concerns, fears, and hopes.


You can sign up to do the training here, and it is currently available for free.


  • Recognise and Respond

Over the last 18 months, we have worked in collaboration with the Black Dog Institute to support the development of their new Recognise and Respond Online Learning Module. This module is for community members, allies, health professionals, and anyone else who may benefit from learning when and how to support someone struggling with suicidality or suicidal thoughts.


Trans Health Equity developed and produced a case study in which a trans women recognises and responds to her non-binary friend’s signs of suicidal thoughts, and demonstrates ways to effectively support them.


You can sign up for this training here. As a part of the registration process, you will need to enter an enrolment key, which is acon_02-2022.