RSVP: Shape the Future of End Of Life Care Services

SNPHN is committed to working with you to improve access, availability and quality of End of Life Care for people living in the Northern Sydney PHN region. We want to consult with service users, carers, community members and service providers to co-design services to meet the growing needs of our community.

This workshop will explore and prioritise improvement activities identified from recent consultations during development of the EOLC model.

The previous consultations and workshop identified three key areas:

  1. Quality of EoLC provided in Residential Aged Care
  2. Primary Care Led provision and quality of EOLC services in General Practice
  3. Home Care Support, with the aim of increasing opportunity for people to die at home

This workshop will refine possible models of care that will address the first key area; Quality of EoLC provided in Residential Aged Care with the aim to significantly impact on improving end of life experience for the Northern Sydney community.

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    RSVP: Shape the future of PHN commissioned End of Life Care Services

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