Proof of Concept to support primary care clinicians in completing the My Aged Care referral/ e-assessment form in Medical Director clinical software

Project Information

HealthDirect Australia, the Departments of Health, the Department of Social Services and Strata Health are currently developing a Proof of Concept (PoC) to support primary care clinicians in completing the e-assessment application form (by integrating the primary care clinical management systems with the government My Aged Care systems).

The purpose of this PoC is to:

  • Reduce the time taken to submit a My Aged Care referral.
  • Ensure accuracy of the patient’s information being uploaded automatically from MedicalDirector.
  • Improve the quality of My Aged Care referrals.
  • Provide feedback (i.e. Customer Reference Number) to GPs / HCPs that the referral has been accepted.
Minimum System Requirements

Since PRISM is a web-based application, the site will require an internet connection along with desktop or laptop computer. In order to make use of the functionality in the Strata PRISM Widget the following minimum system requirements needs to be met:

  • Internet Connection: 128Kbp/s or Higher
  • Medical Director Clinical V3.17.3a or Higher
  • Internet Explorer 10 or Higher

The Project Team is happy to assist you to determine if the Practice meets the minimum requirements.

Installation of PRISM Widget

In order to install the PRISM Widget, participating practices are requested for their Practice ID by the Project Team. This will be sent to Medical Director to enable the My Aged Care widget to be published to your Practice’s Medical Director Widget store. Once completed, the Project Team will download and install the My Aged Care Widget on each individual computer within the General Practice that will be used to access PRISM. The Project Team will then set up user accounts and provide PRISM Widget training. Installation of the PRISM Widget takes 10- 15 minutes to complete on each computer. 


Deb Pallavicini T: (02) 9432 8215 / E: dpallavicini@snhn.org.au