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GP News

Public drug warning: high and variable dose MDMA ‘Chupa Chups’

High-dose MDMA (ecstasy) tablets have been found in NSW. These high-dose tablets contain three times the dose of other MDMA tablets and capsules commonly circulating…

BreastScreen NSW to gradually resume breast screening services from 18th May 2020

A message from BreastScreen NSW to GPs regarding the gradual resumption of breast screening from 18th May: BreastScreen NSW is now open and preparing to…

Statement on the duration of observation after vaccination in the context of minimising risk of exposure to COVID-19 at health care facilities

ATAGI Clinical Statement on Vaccination Observation Time In the current context of increasing risk of community-transmitted COVID-19 disease, the risk of exposure to potentially infected…

Updates from NSW Health re: flu vaccination supply + guidelines on drive-through clinics

A reminder from NSW Health to immunisation providers:   Influenza vaccine supply update All influenza vaccine orders for persons aged 5 years to 64 years…

What GPs should know about the temporary suspension of routine breast screening in NSW during COVID-19

As of COB Friday 27th March 2020, BreastScreen NSW has temporarily suspended its routine breast screening in order to prioritise the wellbeing of women, staff…

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