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GP News

Webinar: The role of surgery in the management of advanced NMSC in the era of effective systemic therapies

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) invite you to join our webinar for clinicians with an interest in skin cancer….

ONGOING: Introduction to Syphilis for Midwives & Clinicians Providing Antenatal Care (NSW)

This online learning module is designed to provide midwives and clinicians providing antenatal care in NSW, with the tools to identify priority populations for antenatal…

NCIRS Webinar: RSV vaccines and treatments for infant disease prevention

Join the NCIRS webinar on respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which will explore new vaccines and treatments to reduce the incidence and impact of RSV in…

Webinar: Current approaches in acral melanoma diagnosis and management

Melanoma Institute Australia invites you to join them for an engaging educational webinar designed for all Skin Cancer Doctors, GPs, Nurses and other healthcare professionals…

Patient Reported Measures Research Symposium

The Agency for Clinical Innovation will host the second Patient Reported Measures (PRMs) Symposium in 2024, held virtually. The symposium aims to bring together clinicians, consumers, researchers,…

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