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GP News

SNHN’s statement in favour of the Voice to Parliament

Statement The Northern Sydney PHN operated by the Sydney North Health Network (SNHN) supports the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of our region in…

Menopause Education Webinar for Clinicians

The online education sessions known as MenoECHO will include a short didactic presentation followed by discussion of 2 case studies. Sessions will cover topics with…

Gynaecological Health:Conditions, treatments, surgical options & the importance of pre cancer screening

This event aims to provide GPs with a comprehensive update on pre cancer screening for gynaecological cancers, abnormal bleeding, uro-gynaecological updates, and the power of…

WiSE GP Webinar Series 2023

An online learning series for General Practitioners to explore clinical case studies and review patient outcomes. Dates and Topics listed below, click the following link…

Casual Reception and Admin Support

We are currently looking for a casual reception and admin support to join our admin team. Please note that there are no regular shifts associated…

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