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GP News

GP News

RACGP Releases New Resources to Support General Practice

The RACGP has recently released a number of resources to support general practice. These resources have been developed by the RACGP Expert Committee.

InsideOut Institute receives $4m funding boost for research into eating disorders

InsideOut Institute will receive $4m over 3.5 years to develop nation’s first hub for research into eating disorders, commencing November 2019.

Healthy Ageing in General Practice

What can we offer? Or concepts of frailty and better care for older people from a GP perspective (Part 1 of 3 part series)

New Australian Digital Health Ageny’s e-Learning CPD courses available on My Health Record in General Practice

On Friday 23 November 2018, the ADHA’s new CPD-accredited My Health Record in General Practice e-learning course went live.

SNPHN held their AGM & Taking Care of BASICs: Optimal Wellness for GPs & Health Professionals on the 15 November

The event saw GPs and Health Professionals come together for an evening of networking and keynote presentations discussing the importance of optimal wellness for GPs and Health Professionals.