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Community Health News

Community Health News

5 minutes of your time, for 5 years peace of mind – Are you up-to-date?   

Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation is celebrating National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week 2019 from November 11-17. The National Cervical Cancer Screening Program offers screening to most…

NEW! Combined Cancer Screening fact sheets from the Cancer Institute NSW

Fact sheets are available in English and 15 languages as well as one for Aboriginal people.   Find out more here.

What is Person-Centred Care?

Person-centred care may well be the future of general practice in Australia, and it’s here now in Sydney’s North. A person-centred care model combines the…

Why age matters when it comes to Bowel Cancer

Once people turn 50 their risk of being diagnosed with bowel cancer increases significantly, as new data from the Cancer Institute NSW show. “In your 50s you…

The flu shot, explained

Stopping the flu saves lives. Find out why getting your shot is good for you and for others. April–June is a good time to get…

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