New long COVID service and advice line for GPs

The Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD) has recently launched the Northern Sydney Long COVID service (NSLCS):

  • The service will provide coordinated care for patients experiencing complex Long COVID symptoms at least 3 months since their initial COVID infection with no other explanation (World Health Organisation definition) and require specialist medical, nursing and allied health support.
  • The team includes allied health, nursing and medical staff.
  • Individuals who live in the NSLHD catchment area with suspected or confirmed Long COVID can be referred to the service by a GP or medical specialist. Individuals cannot self-refer.
  • The service offers care coordination and additional allied health advice and support based on the patients’ needs. If the patient requires escalation of their care management, a specialised medical-led multidisciplinary case review will occur.
  • The service aims to provide specialised advice and support so that patients can comfortably manage their symptoms in the community with their GP.
  • The majority of the care will be delivered virtually through Telehealth (video and phone calls).
  • GPs and medical specialists are encouraged to call the Long COVID Advice Line if guidance on managing patients with suspected Long COVID is required. Contact number: 0418 579 373. Staffed by a GP on weekdays from 9am to 5pm. 

Please note:

  • The advice line is for GPs to call for guidance on managing patients – it is not for referrals and not for patients to call.

Find out more in this GP flyer.