My patient has cancer: is a clinical trial an option? New factsheet

This new factsheet raises GP awareness of the role they may take in encouraging their newly diagnosed cancer patients to be informed about clinical trials as a treatment option for discussion with their specialists, and the ongoing support of GPs during trial treatment, follow up and survivorship.

Available as both a downloadable and online version by topic, the sheet and other general clinical trial information relevant to primary care are located at: https://www.cancer.nsw.gov.au/what-we-do/working-with-primary-care/clinical-trials-and-primary-care. It was developed by Cancer Institute NSW with GPs.

The resource complements the Institute’s resources for CALD communities (Dec 2022), focused on increasing cancer clinical trial involvement, including in-language resources. Access via the Institute’s:

1: Website (clinical trials program): https://www.cancer.nsw.gov.au/about-cancer/document-library/i-have-cancer-is-a-clinical-trial-an-option-for-me, or

2: Patient Multicultural Information website: https://www.cancer.nsw.gov.au/general-cancer-information/cancer-support/support-for-communities/multicultural-communities (three clicks  away – Select Language, then Treatment, then Clinical Trials).

Learn about how the Institute works with primary care: