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Suicide Prevention Services

Suicide Prevention Services

Description of Services


Seasons is an aftercare service for people to access after a suicide attempt. It provides rapid access, mobile and intensive care coordination and psychosocial treatment to ensure people have appropriate follow up and access the right services during the time when the risk of re-attempt is highest.

*Please note, people who are experiencing suicidal ideation or at risk of self-harm can access the Suicide Referral Pathway under Psychological Services for Underserviced Groups

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All people who live, work or go to school in the Northern Sydney Primary Health Network region can access this service. This service provides aftercare to people who have attempted suicide.

How to access the services

Referrals can be made through the hospital, by a GP, or individuals such as family members. Call 1300 000 125

GPs can also refer people through the Mental Health Triage on 1300 782 391, send a referral form via secure fax on 02 8072 6899.