Keep your practice disaster-ready: sign up for the RACGP Emergency Response Planning Tool

Sydney North Health Network (SNHN) is providing fully subsidised access to the RACGP online Emergency Response Planning Tool (ERPT) for general practices in 2023/24.

SNHN recognises the important role of general practices in providing essential health services to local communities and that maintaining an up-to-date emergency response plan is crucial in ensuring continuity of service during emergencies – whether these are larger events such as natural disasters, or events localised to individual practices, like cyber-attacks, power outages or loss or damage of premises.

Each participating practice will receive fully subsidised access to the ERPT in 2023/24 and support from Healthpoint ANZ to plan and complete an emergency response plan.

Keeping your practice disaster-ready: What is the ERPT?

The Emergency Response Planning Tool (ERPT) is an online tool which assists general practices in better preparing for, responding to and recovering from the impacts of emergencies and pandemics.

Maintaining an up-to-date emergency plan helps ensure the safety of your staff and the smooth recovery of your practice and reduces the risk of financial loss.

The ERPT provides suggested contingency measures for staff so that they will know how to respond to:

  • a pandemic
  • loss of power supply to the practice
  • disruption to water and gas supplies
  • disruption to telecommunications systems
  • loss of IT systems or data
  • loss of business records
  • complete or partial loss of practice premises
  • loss of medical supplies, equipment and furniture
  • loss or non–availability of key staff
  • cyber incident response

These modules are supported with new additions including:

  • mental health support services for staff
  • telehealth
  • Strategies for dealing with patient aggression and violence.

Once the modules are complete, you will have your own personalised practice emergency response plan that will guide your staff on what to do in an emergency and which complies with the 5th edition of the GP standards toward accreditation.

PHN funding will begin 1st July 2023 with limited spaces available.

How do I access the ERPT?

  1. Visit https://erpt.racgp.org.au/standardlogin
  1. Click on `Register your practice for the ERPT’, in red.  Complete the details.
  2. It will ask you to accept to pay for your ERPT, agree to this and we will allocate you a funded license.
  3. Sydney North Health Network will covering the cost of using the ERPT so you will not be sent an invoice.
  4. There is training available to help you get started. You can go to the following URL to book a videoconference training session – Emergency Response Planning Tool (ERPT) (office365.com)
  5. If you have any questions you can contact the Healthpoint ANZ Helpdesk on 1800 008 384 or email help@healthpointanz.com.au

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