Health Coaching Specialist Course: Sale on now, 20-50% off!

In the Health Coach Specialist course, you will learn the foundation skills of behaviour change – how to communicate effectively to support clients to tap into their motivation, develop a positive mindset, overcome barriers, create actionable goals and successfully change their health behaviours.

You’ll gain a toolkit of behaviour change skills that will allow you to make in difference in your clients’ health, to help the ones who are stuck, who aren’t motivated, or who know it all but still aren’t taking action!

The courses include online self-paced learning complemented by live webinars to practice skills and receive trainer and peer feedback.

Topics include:

  • The Coaching Approach and Mindset
  • Communication Skills for Active Listening
  • Readiness to Change
  • Motivation
  • Overcoming Barriers & Building Confidence
  • Goal Setting, Tracking and Accountability
  • The Health Coaching Process
  • Initial and Progress Sessions


  • #1 Wednesday 16th 11AM – 3PM
  • #2 Wednesday 23rd 11AM – 3PM


  • #3 Wednesday 6th 11AM – 3PM
  • #4 Wednesday 13th 11AM – 3PM
  • #5 Wednesday 20th 11AM – 3PM
  • #6 Wednesday 27th 11AM – 3PM

Night practice labs: Each Thursday Starting 24th August for 6 weeks for 1.5 hours at 7pm AEST. These are optional for those who can attend the day webinars. For those who miss the day webinars, they provide the opportunity to practice the skills discussed in the webinars and modules.

Discount Codes: 

  • 20% off for new participants – AHCAVIP20
  • 50% off for previous participants – VIP23#50

Registration: https://www.accreditedhealthcoaching.com.au/service-page/health-coach-specialist-august-2023