EOI – Shingles Recall Pilot Program

Sydney North Health Network are seeking expressions of interest from general practices interested in a trialling a recall platform targeting patients aged 70-79 years who have not received the Shingles vaccine (Zostavax).  The Zostavax vaccine is available free of charge on the National Immunisation Program, whilst the program has been successful, approximately 50% of the 70-79 year age group have not participated in the national program.  This pilot is a partnership between SNHN, PenCS and Healthily and uses the CAT4 tool to create a recall list of the patients eligible for the vaccine.
GoShare Integration with CAT4
Healthily have integrated GoShare functionality with CAT4, to create GoShare Recall+. This will enable a GP Practice to generate a list of unvaccinated patients using CAT4, and send them an SMS with an embedded link to an information video and fact sheet. The entire process can be completed in 5-10 minutes, representing a very efficient method for a Practice to communicate with a target patient group to promote a specific health outcome.

Eligibility Criteria

  • GP Practices who have a significant number of patients in the eligible 70 -79 years age group
  • Practices using Best Practice or Zedmed software only and utilise CAT4 for data extraction

Benefits for the Practice

  • Improved recalling of unvaccinated patients in the 70-79 years age group
  • Free SMS recalls for this patient cohort via CAT4
  • Training of practice staff to utilise the platform
  • Free patient resources as part of the pilot program

Participating Practices will be provided the following resources:

  • A training webinar on how to use GoShare Recall+
  • An instruction manual for using CAT4 and GoShare Recall+ in the Shingles Program
  • Healthily will provide a contact person to provide 1:1 support for the practice

To express your interest, please complete and submit the form below.

    For more information please contact Deb Pallavicini, Primary Care Advancement Manager.

    E: dpallavicini@snhn.org.au  P: 9432 8215