Person-Centred Care Program 2022

Invitation to practices

Person-Centred Care combines the traditional core values of family medicine – providing comprehensive, coordinated, integrated, quality care – that is easily accessible and based on an ongoing relationship between a person and their health care team.

Sydney North Health Network’s Person-Centred Care Program aims to assist practices to transition into Person-Centred Care based on small step-by-step changes they choose to make.

Practices are invited to participate in a range of person-centred care initiatives, which will be offered throughout the year.

Potential practice benefits

  • Access to education and resources for practice staff new to Person Centred Medical Homes
  • Leadership training and coaching
  • Focused quality improvement practice tools
  • Regular in-practice support
  • Access to a network of local general practices who have previously or are currently participating in program
  • Exclusive and enjoyable learning and development opportunities
  • Increased efficiencies in preventive healthcare and chronic disease management
  • Increased efficiencies in MBS item number billing
  • Improved professional satisfaction
  • Increased quality care for patients

Practice requirements

General practice teams in the program are the primary decision makers and drivers of quality improvements within their practices. Sydney North Health Network can help facilitate and provide support for these improvements to take place. To get the most out of the program, it is anticipated that participating practices will strive to:

  • make time for the implementation of quality improvement activities
  • join in periodic training events (online and face-to-face)
  • participate in regular in-practice meetings with their Primary Care Coordinator
  • share experiences and ideas within practice and with other practices
  • complete short practice surveys at commencement of program and at checkpoints across the year

Register your interest in being part of the program

Fill in the form below or email the Primary Care Advancement Team at pcait@snhn.org.au

Next steps

Practices will be asked to provide details of team members, who will be invited to complete a short pre-program practice survey (about 10 x minutes to complete).

The aim of the pre-program survey is to give practices a starting point. We will provide support with dissemination and completion of the survey, and then schedule a time to meet with the practice team to discuss the survey results and determine the practice’s top priorities for participating in the program.

    1. Practice name

    2. Practice phone number

    3. Name of nominated contact person

    4. Phone number of nominated contact person (if different to practice phone number)

    5. Email address of nominated contact person

    6. Are you able to identify two or three Practice Leaders (e.g. a clinical lead such as a practice principal GP or senior clinician and, a business of administration lead such as a practice manager or owner), who are able to act as change champions and coordinate practice team engagement within the practice?

    7. Are Practice Leaders confident they can commit to regular in-practice or telephone coaching sessions, virtual or face to-face workshops, and other online learning modules as relevant?

    8. Does the practice utilise a clinical audit tool (e.g. CAT 4)?
    YesNo, we need to install a clinical audit tool (SNHN can assist)Unsure

    9. Are you able to identify one or more Data Support people in your practice who can confidently conduct data searches and pull reports from CAT 4 or directly from the Clinical Information System?
    YesNo, we need more training (SNHN can assist)Unsure

    10. How confident are you that the wider practice team will engage with Practice Leaders in the program?
    Completely confidentSomewhat confidentNot confident