BreastScreen NSW GP Data Requests to include more useful information in data

BreastScreen NSW GP data request forms will now include screening outcomes to enable appropriate reminders schedules to be entered into practice clinical information systems.

Diagnosis (as clinical information) will not be identified, but the report will now also include:

  • Screening recommendation – Routine rescreen 2 years, Routine rescreen 1 year or Recalled for assessment
  • Screening due date (SDD) – Due date for the next screening

If clients have permanent exclusion due to the following conditions, then SDD will be left blank:

  • Diagnosed with cancer
  • Moved Overseas or Interstate
  • Deceased

A list of the current information that is sent to GPs and the additional information are in the table below.

General practitioners requesting information on clients that have screened with BreastScreen NSW (and have given consent to their GP receiving their results) can do so by:

To book a BreastScreen NSW visit https://book.breastscreen.nsw.gov.au/. GPs may also write a referral via clinical software.