Are you a shared antenatal care GP, or would you like to be?

SNHN is currently updating the database of GPs who provide Shared Antenatal Care and are listed on the SNHN website.  We want to ensure that every woman receives the best evidence-based care during pregnancy, that SAC GPs receive relevant education, and that clinical opportunities are available when required.

Please register here if you:

  • are currently practising shared care but haven’t registered with SNHN, or
  • are not currently a SAC GP but are interested in participating in the program.

Alternatively, please contact Jenny Hughes (jhughes@snhn.org.au) or Pat Simmonds (psimmonds@snhn.org.au) for further information.

SNHN is reviewing education requirements and an appropriate credentialling process to ensure learning needs are addressed and adequate support is provided for SAC GPs and optimal care given to every woman. If you are a Shared Antenatal Care GP and haven’t had an opportunity to participate in our SAC GP survey , please spend 5 minutes completing it now.  This will ensure we have your correct details, and you receive all communication.  It would be appreciated if you could respond to the survey by Friday 25th August.

NB: At 8 weeks of pregnancy please ensure your patients book their 14-week appointment with their chosen midwifery service to avoid missing the window for certain scans. See the GP Shared Antenatal Care Protocol on HealthPathways.

Northern Sydney Local Health District Maternity Services website: The purpose of the site is to provide a unique resource for women and families that includes practical information about NSLHD maternity services as well as a resource hub with recommended resources for early pregnancy, through to labour, birth, and the postnatal period.