AIR Tip: What is the difference between an immunisation provider and an information provider?

The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) uses the following terminology:

  • An immunisation provider is the provider who administered the vaccination.
  • An information provider is the provider who recorded the vaccination, including for vaccinations given overseas or by another vaccination provider in Australia.

The vaccine details that must be reported to the AIR are listed in the table below.

Information/immunisation provider are the sameInformation/immunisation provider are different
Who performed this immunisation encounter
Date of service
Batch number
Mandatory for COVID-19, influenza, National Immunisation Program (NIP) funded, and Japanese encephalitis (JE) vaccines

Mandatory for COVID-19 vaccines
Vaccine type (NIP/Commonwealth, Antenatal, Private, State/Territory Program)
Mandatory for COVID-19, influenza, NIP and JE vaccines
Route of administration (Oral, Subcutaneous, Intradermal, Intramuscular)
Mandatory for JE vaccines
Country of immunisationN/A
Required for any vaccines that were administered overseas

Using the AIR site

When recording immunisation encounters on the AIR site, select ‘Who performed this Immunisation Encounter’ from the drop-down options and select one of the following:

  • I  performed this encounter’: For when the immunisation provider and the information provider are the same or when a HPOS delegate is acting on the provider’s behalf
  • Another provider performed this encounter in Australia’: For vaccines administered by another provider in Australia
  • This encounter was performed overseas’: For vaccines administered overseas.

Using software

Your software vendor can provide advice on how to submit immunisation encounters to the AIR if you are the immunisation provider and/or the information provider. If any functions aren’t available via your software, the AIR site can be used as an alternative method.

Using immunisation forms

Where access to the AIR site or software is not available, complete a manual form and submit it via HPOS using the form upload function:

  • Use the IM013 form if the vaccination was given by another vaccination provider (including overseas vaccinations – indicate in the tick-box).
  • Use the IM018 form if the immunisation and information provider are the same.


Updating an encounter

Information providers can update encounters that they have previously submitted using either the AIR site or practice management software, if this function is enabled. See Update vaccination data already submitted to AIR for further instructions.

Further information and useful links

  • AIR  general enquiries: 1800 653 809
  • AIR Internet helpdesk: 1300 650 039
  • eBusiness Service Centre (HPOS and PRODA [Provider Digital Access]): 1800 700 199