World Asthma Day Online Event: Asthma Care for All – Presented by Asthma Australia

This World Asthma Day, Asthma Australia be talking about this year’s theme “Asthma Care For All” in the Australian setting and pilot projects that will influence tomorrow’s business as usual. Join the webinar as they share learnings and discoveries in addressing high asthma burden alongside the people living in diverse and remote communities who are experiencing it. The webinar  will be presenting three community engagement projects that are truly consumer-led:

  • Understanding by listening: The needs of primary school aged kids
  • Following community’s lead: Mid North shows us the way to the southern Yorke Peninsula and beyond
  • Setting up for the community voice: The Tasmanian Discovery Project

DATE: Tuesday 2 May, 2:00pm – 2:45pm


Kawsar Elmir, Health Projects and Partnerships Officer, Asthma Australia
Kawsar is the Health Projects and Partnerships officer based in NSW and has been working at Asthma Australia for the past seven years on various projects. She is passionate about working directly with communities to help develop solutions that empower them to take control of their health and wellbeing. Kawsar loves to bring innovative ideas to these projects that challenge the standard way of working.   Kawsar has a background in health science with a major in psychology and has just started a Diploma of Creative Arts and Health. She strongly believes the future of community codesign and engagement is connected to creative forms of expression and solutions.

Jess Tyler, Health Projects and Partnerships Coordinator, Asthma Australia
Jess drives Tasmanian engagement with Asthma Australia through strategic initiatives across Tasmania to deliver change for people experiencing asthma. Working across all aspects of the health ecosystem Jess builds place-based alliances as well as working in national strategic project teams. She aims to make today’s pilot tomorrow’s business as usual. Jess has a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism and has specialised in science communication, technology marketing and innovation promotion. 

Michelle Davis,
Health Projects and Partnerships Officer, Asthma Australia Michelle is a Cultural Communication Specialist who uses applied linguistics theory to understand and reveal the culture behind any messaging. She applies this to facilitate space for voices often not heard in mainstream, or to understand “what is it that is going on here” – Erving Goffman (1974).  She works with First Nations people, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) community.