Why leave my Health on Record?

The question really is, would you benefit from having a My Health Record? Recently there has been some vigorous debate about the benefits or drawbacks of having a My Health Record. This is because of the Australian Government’s decision to provide us all with an online health record by the end of this year, 2018. Sydney North Health Network is here to help answer some key questions or concerns and dispel any myths you may have heard when it comes to the benefits of having a My Health Record.

First – let’s establish in simple language what a My Health Record is?

My Health Record is an individualised online summary of your key health information that all Australians will get unless they tell the Australian Government they don’t want one by November 15 this year.

When you have a My Health Record, your health information can be viewed securely online, from anywhere, at any time – even if you move or travel. You can access your health information from any computer or device that is connected to the internet. Whether you’re visiting a GP for a health check, or in an emergency room following a serious accident and are unable to talk, healthcare providers
involved in your care can access relevant health information, such as:

  • Allergies;
  • Medical history and emergency contacts;
  • Medicines you are taking;
  • Medical conditions you have been diagnosed with; and even
  • Pathology test results like blood tests;
  • Advance Care Plans.