Webinar: Emergency Presentations in General Practice

Management of emergencies is an integral part of primary care. Being first contact care providers general practitioners can be presented with various types of emergencies and are required to make decisions about care and referral quickly. Understanding how to manage, investigate and refer appropriately can improve outcomes for patients.

This activity aims to enhance GPs awareness and understanding of common emergency presentations. Topics will include: Gastroenterology emergencies, paediatric emergencies, head injuries and neurological emergency presentations.

Date:  Wednesday 16 March 2022

Time: 7:00 – 9:00pm

Register: Via zoom

Cost: Free



Gastrointestinal Emergencies & Abdominal Pain
Dr Graeme Rich

Paediatric Emergencies
Dr Neil Ginsberg

Head Injuries & Neurological Emergencies
Dr Vanessa Perotti