Webinar Driving and Dementia: the GP’s dilemma

GPs play a vital role in helping people with dementia navigate that challenging time when their ability to drive is in question.

Date: 17th June 2021

Time: 7pm

Our GP presents will

  •  discuss the impact of dementia on a person’s ability to drive
  • assist GPs to understand the considerations involved in determining fitness to drive
  • discuss the importance of having conversations about driving with patients

Suitable For
People working as GPs, Primary Health Nurses, Health Professionals

Dr Allan Shell
Allan is an academic GP and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer and educator for Dementia Training Australia.

Dr Beth Cheal
Beth has been involved in professional education for GPs and other health professionals to assist them in determining the “Fitness to drive” of older and cognitively impaired drivers.

Professor Dimity Pond
Professor of General Practice at the University of Newcastle, conducting significant research into dementia and mental health in Primary Care. Dimity also works in clinical practice.


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