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Update on influenza vaccination distribution and order restrictions

Update on influenza vaccination distribution and order restrictions

In response to influenza vaccine distribution enquiries, the Northern Sydney Public Health Unit has provided the following updates for general practice:


  • Flu vaccines are being distributed as quickly as possible.
  • All first orders are due to be delivered by Tuesday 12th April.
  • Second orders are not being dispatched until all first orders have been completed.
  • There is currently a limit on first and second orders of 200 doses.
  • After all first orders have been distributed, Ministry of Health will review the need to increase this limit.

Children < 3:

  • Fluquadri Jnr is only available in 5 dose packs.
  • NSW has been allocated a limited number from the Commonwealth, therefore the limit of 1 x 5 dose pack per provider is necessary.
  • After first orders of Fluquadri Jnr are distributed next week, the limit will be reviewed.
  • Eligibility for Fluquadri Jnr is children aged 6 – 35 months with medical risk conditions and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander children aged 6 – 35 months.


  • Routine childhood orders (including DTPa and catch up) are on hold to facilitate flu distribution and will recommence next week.
  • If an urgent order is required, please contact the vaccine centre on 1300 656 132 and they will send it out.