The new Fellow group in NSW has developed a series of networking evenings



DATE: Thursday 13 September 2018

TIME: 6.15–9.00 pm

VENUE: The ArtHouse Hotel, 275 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Designed to encourage new Fellows to meet other new Fellows, and be able to forge relationships with other GPs going through the same early career trials and tribulations. Whilst also learning about something that can challenge their thinking around or improve their self care and patient care, and possibly enhance their careers and their finances.

The events will be showcasing a range of Sydney bars and event spaces, with each event being at a new iconic Sydney location aiming to encourage casual interaction between presenters and participants.

The upcoming events will take an alternative look at a somewhat traditional concept of the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’, in particular, how these concepts relate to the way we interact with our patients and affect our clinical practice. The first event, Debunking gluttony, will challenge your pre-existing perceptions of weight/obesity and build a greater understanding of HAES (healthy at every size).

COST: RACGP member $35 / Non-member $45

REGISTRATION: Register online

CONTACT: RACGP NSW&ACT events – Tel 02 9886 4703 – Email nswact.events@racgp.org.au

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