Telehealth services available at Australia’s first private genomic clinic

Telehealth services available at Australia’s first private genomic clinic

Genome.One’s Clinical Service recently opened the doors of Australia’s first private clinical genomics service, providing genetic counselling and genomic testing to patients Australia-wide.

The clinic, based in Sydney, is now accepting doctor referrals for patients from across the country, with consults provided in person, by telephone and via telehealth.

Genome.One Head of Clinical Services Mary-Anne Young, also a genetic counsellor at the clinic, said the telehealth and phone consults enabled patients living outside the city to access to genetic health professionals without travelling long distances.

Reasons GPs and specialists might refer patients to the clinic include:

  • Seeking diagnosis or specialist advice for complex medical conditions with a suspected genetic basis
  • To consider genetic testing options for particular conditions eg. conditions common in specific ethnic groups
  • Seeking risk assessment and management information for patients with a family history of a medical condition eg. cancer
  • Pre-conception counselling
  • Healthy individuals interested in genomic testing to inform future health decisions.

The clinic charges patient fees in accordance with the Australian Medical Association schedule. 

Clinicians can download the referral form for our clinical service here.

For more information, email: clinical@genome.one, see www.genome.one/clinical-service or call: 1300 466 631


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