Sydney North Health Network (SNHN) launches HealthPathways

There was plenty of support when Sydney North celebrated the official launch of the Sydney North HealthPathways website with over 200 health professionals in attendance on 30 May 2017 at the Epping Club.
The launch event included a live demonstration of the HealthPathways with a focus of the event aligned to Palliative Care Week.
Sydney North HealthPathways is a collaborative partnership between Northern Sydney Local Health District and Sydney North Health Network.

Sydney North HealthPathways status at launch:

  • 131 pathways in development
  • 73 pathways Live
  • 27 pathways in final stage of development
  • 31 Pathways currently localising
  • Work stream areas currently in development include Aboriginal Health, Aged Care, Dementia/Cognitive Impairment, Hospital in the Home, Musculoskeletal, Sexual Health, Pregnancy, Respiratory, Diabetes, Mental Health, Palliative Care, Child Youth & Family/Paediatrics.

HealthPathways is an online health information website which supports GPs, Hospital Doctors, Allied Health Professionals and other Clinicians with:

  • Condition management
  • Service navigation
  • Referral to specialists as appropriate
  • Access to reference materials
  • Access to patient educational resources

“HealthPathways is a wonderful platform that will improve coordination of care for patients, and facilitate better communication between GPs, other primary care clinicians, hospital doctors and services across the district. This will translate into appropriate and timely use of resources, a better patient experience, and ultimately better health outcomes. The launch on May 30 highlighted the diversity of health providers throughout the Primary Health Network and the Local Health District and reinforced the passion and commitment we all share in providing excellent patient centred care,” said Dr Fiona Robinson, HealthPathways GP Clinical Lead.

Patient Benefits Include:

  • Improved coordination of care
  • Referral to specialists when appropriate

Clinician Benefits Include:

  • Better communication with primary care and hospital services
  • Clearer management options

Local Health District Benefits Include:

  • Hospital avoidance due to better managed care in the community
  • Appropriate use of tertiary resources

If you are a GP or Health Professional and would like access to the following HealthPathways website please email: healthpathways@snhn.org.au