The Sydney North HealthPathways launched its’ website on 30 May. Since the launch over 400 health professionals have accessed the website.

Sydney North HealthPathways – guidelines for management, referral and service info in the one place!

 The Sydney North HealthPathways celebrated the official launch of its website on 30 May 2017. Over 200 health professionals attended and since the launch, over 400 health professionals have accessed the website.

HealthPathways is an online health information website which supports GPs, Primary Care Nurses, Hospital Doctors, Allied Health Professionals and other local Clinicians with:

  •  Condition management
  • Access to local hospital service information
  • Information to support referral to specialists when appropriate
  • Access to reference materials
  • Access to patient educational resources

 To request a username and password for the site and receive an access guide, contact us at healthpathways@snhn.org.au , or via https://sydneynorth.healthpathways.org.au/

 Our Primary Care Advancement Coordinators are available for follow up visits to provide extra support as needed.