Suicide Prevention Service: The Seasons Program

What is The Seasons Program?

The evidence suggests that people are most at risk immediately following an initial suicide attempt. The Seasons Program has been designed to engage with a person in the first 12 weeks following an attempted suicide. Our focus is to help coordinate support and ensure ongoing safety whilst the person is on their recovery journey.
Emotional, clinical and practical support is delivered by various partners and all support is coordinated by the Seasons team. The Seasons team works with everyone involved to ensure there is constant communication during each step of the recovery process.
The primary purpose of The Seasons Program is to help people start their recovery journey. Over 12 weeks The Seasons Program will provide intensive and flexible support including:

  • Engaging, building and rebuilding relationships with a person’s key supports.
  • Creating a shared understanding of a person’s holistic needs and recovery goals.
  • Developing an individual Recovery Action Plan.
  • Ensuring services and supports work together to support the person’s recovery.
  • Providing practical support at a time and place where it is needed.
  • Providing advice, information and support to participants, families, carers and other formal
Who is eligible for the program?

Anybody over 12 years of age can access the program if they have been admitted to hospital following a suicide attempt and live in the Northern Sydney Region. A referral can be made at any time to the program by:

  • GP
  • Hospital
  • Clinical Practitioner (private and public)
  • Individuals including family members or carers

Referrals can be made. Contact: 

Telephone: 1300 000 125
Fax: 02 9998 2988
E-mail: seasons@ccnb.com.au

What happens next?

Once a referral is received, contact will be made within 24 hours with the person who has experienced a suicide attempt (as well as family members and carers where requested). From there, services will be tailored to what the person needs to start their journey towards recovery. This happens at a time and place that is suitable for the participant.

What will the service cost?

There is no charge for this service and it is not means tested.


For further information please http://ccnb.com.au/.