STI/HIV testing made easy – get your Testing Tool today!

NSW Health is excited to announce the release of its STI/HIV Testing Tool. Designed for primary care clinicians, the tool has been endorsed by the RACGP, ACRRM and other professional bodies.

The tool shows you how to:

  • Offer routine STI/HIV testing
  • Conduct a brief risk assessment (sexual history)
  • Conduct routine STI/HIV testing
  • Perform contact tracing
  • Access resources and additional support

Hardcopies are available here.

Why we developed the tool

Sexually transmissible infections (STI) continue to have significant health impacts for NSW communities. Over the last decade STI notification rates have increased, particularly for gonorrhoea, syphilis and chlamydia, with the majority of these diagnoses being made in primary care. Routine testing for STIs/HIV is recommended to ensure timely diagnosis and to prevent onward transmission. Learn more about STIs in NSW.

Online sexual health training

NSW Health provides free CDP accredited online training in STI testing, management and contact tracing:

STI management in general practice: Key features

STI management in general practice: Contact tracing

Need more information or support?

The testing tool and other sexual health resources (e.g. clinical management guidelines, contact tracing services, patient factsheets and training) are available from the NSW STI Programs Unit.

Also available for clinicians and patients is the NSW Sexual Health Infolink – a telephone and internet based information and referral service (for STI/HIV testing, management and contact tracing).

Sexual Health infos

Finally, local assistance and advice is available through your local sexual health clinic.

NSW Health hope these resources are useful in making STI/HIV testing available and accessible to your patients.