Pregnant woman in consult with GP

Shared antenatal care – changes to the protocol

  • HbA1c testing for high risk groups has been added to the protocol at < 10 weeks
  • oGTT at 24 weeks is now 75g

Please make sure:

  • you are using the current version of the protocol
  • prior to the first antenatal clinic visit, order the pathology prescribed on the protocol and provide results in hard copy for the women to take to their first antenatal clinic visit
  • you enter all antenatal consultations on the yellow card

Clinical questions or advice can be obtained from the O & G registrars whose contact details are on the SAC contacts document.

Information, guidelines and education are all available on our SAC webpage and from mid-2017 will be available on Sydney North HealthPathways.

Enquiries: Please contact Jenny Hughes on (02) 9432 8234 or email jhughes@snhn.org.au.