Seasonal Influenza Update

Situation update
NSW Health has declared an early start to the influenza season after detecting a steep rise in influenza activity. This comes on top of unusually high influenza activity over the summer and autumn months.

Over 15,000 influenza notifications have been received so far this year, including 5,013 in May. There have been 37 deaths reported in people with laboratory-confirmed influenza and 38 influenza outbreaks in aged care facilities.

Flu A strains continue to predominate but Flu B activity is also increasing.

1. The annual influenza season has begun earlier than usual and influenza activity is high across NSW.

2. Antiviral treatment should be considered for all patients with confirmed or suspected influenza at increased risk of complications.

3. Please continue to vaccinate high-risk patients, including young children, pregnant women, Aboriginal people, those with chronic medical conditions and all people aged 65 years and over.

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