Research: Investigating the use of information search tools to perform medical tasks

Calling all GP’s, Nurses & Other Clinicians

Researchers from CSIRO (Australian eHealth Research Centre) and Queensland University of Technology are conducting a user study to test a search engine designed to provide clinicians with succinct, accurate and evidence-based information for clinical decision making.

We need your help to test a new online clinical search system.  You will be asked to respond to a number of clinical scenarios over a 2 hour, on-line assessment of the system. This can be performed from your home/office at a time to suit you.

The purpose of the study is to better understand clinician needs and behaviour whilst resolving a clinical problem, and ultimately to provide a better system to support improved patient outcomes.

To participate you will require a computer, connection to the internet with a standard internet browser. Participants completing the assessment will be compensated with a $50 Gift Card honorarium, access to the study findings,  and if desired, relative feedback on their clinical decision making results within the sample set.  The study was approved by QUT’s University Human Research Ethics Committee (1700000215)

Please contact Anton van der Vegt on anton.vandervegt@hdr.qut.edu.au to get involved.