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Reflecting on 2015 Changes to Aged Care – stakeholder workshop

The Department of Health led an Ageing and Aged Care Reform 2016 stakeholder workshop on 5 September 2016 with aged care consumers and carers, peaks, providers and assessors to discuss the changes that were implemented from July 2015.

Discussions identified what has worked well, where there is still work to be done and suggested improvements to the system.

Positive changes identified included:

  • improved transparency in relation to the costs of service – ‘consumers can better see where their money is going’
  • greater consumer empowerment and involvement of family in care and services
  • information has been centralised (but requires further simplification)
  • consumers are better able to direct care
  • RAS and ACAT assessments are working and the standardised tool and My Aged Care are good but could benefit from improved follow up with consumers and carers.

Key areas for further development included:

  • the streamlining of systems and processes for ACAT and RAS assessments, referrals and the intersections between different care types
  • consumer awareness of available options through different channels needs to be built
    there is a need for the system to ensure equity of access and services
  • assessment and availability of services does not yet meet the needs of CALD, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other special needs consumers, particularly those based in rural and remote locations.

The department, service providers and assessors were given a rich set of ideas from consumers and carers on areas to improve. We will work together to develop short, medium and long term solutions to the issues raised.

Source: Department of Health