MARCH 2018


DATE: 23 March 2018


This ACRRM and RACGP accredited event is more than just an intensive one-day workshop. It’s a learning package with reinforcing activities and follow-up cases, to ensure you maximise the benefits you receive.

By reducing the pressure to turn patients over quickly, we provide doctors (and practices) the time to deliver high quality care for patients, through sustainable and safe billing practices.

Learn with your peers, and share the secret knowledge that is hidden in the MBS Schedule. Over 90 case scenarios will be detailed, each dealing with a specific learning outcome. If you thought there must be more to Medicare billing than a cheat sheet, then ProMBS is for you. Hundreds of dollars extra per week in appropriate, accurate billing will allow you to spend your time and expertise where it is needed most – with patients.

VENUE: Hilton Sydney