Shared Care 4Kids Blue Book Development Checks

  • Click here for information on referring to NSLHD Child and Family Health Nurses


  • How to download and import the ‘Blue Book Pilot CFH Referral Form’ into your Best Practice software
  1. DO NOT open the template until it is imported into your Best Practice software.
  2. To begin the import process, click here to download the Blue Book Pilot CFH Referral Form (Best Practice software) – once downloaded, the file will appear at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Click on the ‘up’ arrow to the right of the file name.
  4. Click ‘Show in folder’ – this will open your Downloads folder, and you will see the downloaded template file.
  5. Right-click on the template file, then copy and paste it to wherever you would like to store the template, e.g. desktop.
  6. Now read and follow the Instructions for importing templates into Best Practice software.

Online Training


The First 2000 Days of Life Video transcript – Dr Elisabeth Murphy


Developmental Screening and Surveillance

Sydney Local Health District  – eLearning for GPs (and PNs in the SNHN region) – The Well Child Health Program

Child health and development

Watch Me! training

CDC – Act Early Initiative   – Information for Healthcare providers

American Academy of Pediatrics – Developmental Surveillance: What, why & how

Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne – Child growth e-learning module & resources –

Emerging minds – infant and child mental health – range of online learning modules and resources

First 2000 Days

NSW Ministry of Health, 2019. First 2000 Days: From conception to Age Five Framework

Nadine Burke  – childhood trauma TED talk – 15 minutes


Healthy kids for professionals

Birth to 5: watch me thrive

Mandatory Reporter Guide

RACGP: Violence and Abuse, Working with our patients in general practice

APNA – Setting up a nurse led clinic: The building blocks for success–the-building-blocks-for-success

First 2000 Days – Elisabeth Murphy – Conception to age 5: First 2000 Days



Assessing behaviours of concern in paediatric patients with intellectual disability Webinar 



A framework for developmental and behavioural concerns in children 0-5 years – The First 2000 Days




Child developmental surveillance: speech and language development in children 0-5 years – the first 2000 days




Immunisation Update: Including new Schedule and Changes