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The Digital Health team at SNHN are helping health practices and professionals stay connected with their patients by offering support with Telehealth.

We are assisting with the installation and set-up of the Telehealth Platform healthdirect Video Call.

healthdirect Video Call is a free telehealth video platform specifically designed for health services.

It is safe, secure, reliable, and fully encrypted for your security and client privacy.

For more information regarding healthdirect Video Call please see the video above.


How to get connected:

Please fill out the form below.

    (* required field)
    Department Sponsor

    Organisation details

    Are you currently using other Telehealth platforms?* e.g. phone calls, zoom, WhatsApp etc. YesNo

    Will you be conducting face-to-face consults as well as telehealth consults?* YesNo

    Clinician and staff access to video call
    Please provide a list of the individuals who will have access to the platform.
    Include their name, role and email address.

    Local Project Lead/Contact for in Office Technical Support
    The person with overall operational responsibility for the implementation and adoption of video consulting using Video Call at your practice.

    Authorised by

    Once you have registered, a member of our Digital Health team will assist you with the connection and set up of telehealth.


    In the meantime here are some things you wish to consider:

    Ensure your Organisation and Patients have access to the following:

    A computer with a webcam, smartphone, tablet or laptop with access to an up to date version of Google Chrome or Safari.

    A microphone – usually built in to most devices or external webcams.

    Speakers/ headsets – speakers are usually built into most laptops, but not necessarily into external webcams.

    Stable internet connection.

    For more information about patient eligibility criteria and MBS item numbers (claimable from 13 March 2020), please click here.

    Default settings

    The following properties are set by default in the Video Call Management Console.

    They can be changed after the account has been created.

    Visit for more information.

    Setting Default
    Default Waiting Area Music playlist: Jazz & Blues Other options are available in the platform
    Audio Announcement to play to waiting callers (Optional) Can be added if an audio file is sent either with this registration form or later
    Organisation Logo (Optional) Please attach separately
    Default: Link to caller troubleshooting information: Specify web link/details if different from default
    Default: Link to the default Terms of Use Specify web link if different from default
    Default: Important Information presented to callers before they enter a call to this Waiting Area:

    “This is NOT an emergency service. If you need urgent care, telephone 000 (triple zero). No one is permitted to record the call without consent. Everyone attending the consultation with you will be introduced.”

    Specify any changes
    Default: Operating Hours:

    Includes Mondays to Sundays including breaks or can simply specify e.g. Monday- Saturday 9am – 6pm

    Specify if different from default
    Default Patient information:

    Callers must provide first name and last name and phone number to access the service

    Specify if there are any other requirements?

    (e.g. mobile number, Medicare number, etc…)

    Default: Waiting in queue message:

    “Thank you for your call, someone will be with you shortly”

    Specify if different from default
    Default delay for ‘waiting in queue’ message: 10 seconds Specify if different from default

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