Placements needed for 2019 Nurse Transition Program

SNPHN are currently recruiting practices to participate in our 2019 Nurse Transition Program.

Qualified with a Bachelor of Nursing, and similar to GP registrar training, these nurses will work with you for one year. During this time they will become part of your vibrant primary health practice team. They’ll be supported by your existing practice nurse while being mentored, facilitated and educated by SNPHN’s Nurse Transition Program Coordinator.

With the coming PIP Quality Improvement Incentive, practices will be focusing on quality, with payment determined by information (data) provided about given patient care.

Our computer literate graduate nurses come with energy and enthusiasm. They’ll become an asset to your practice, helping you provide and gain the maximum in care coordination for all your patients including those with chronic disease.

Through utilising your nurse’s contributions to health checks, cycles of care and reviews that every eligible patient is entitled to, you’ll provide a gold standard of care.

The Australian General Practice network summarised some of the benefits nurses can bring to a practice in their report ‘Nursing in General Practice Resource’ (2009). These include:

  • Improving health outcomes in chronic illness including data collection through clinical software / data extraction tools
  • Assisting in primary-acute sector integration
  • Coordinating care
  • Increasing workforce capacity
  • Providing practical and professional support to GPs
  • Enhancing the range of services available to people attending the practice
  • Improving the ability of the practice to adapt to changes
  • Building teamwork
  • Optimising practice income

New Graduate Nurse testimonial:

Working as a practice nurse has been both very rewarding and very challenging. I knew I had made the right decision to do my new grad in primary health care after my first shift.”Kerry McBride, Graduate Nurse Transition Program participant

Hunters Hill Medical Practice testimonial:

We have been extremely happy with our new Graduate Nurse. The Registered Nurses enjoy teaching and passing on their knowledge in all aspects of Primary Health Care, including: wound care, immunisation, chronic disease management, triage and health assessments.

We are looking forward to our next Graduate Nurse placement.”- Dee Stacey RN

To find out more about the program and its benefits for your practice, please contact Vicki Conomy, Nurse Transition Program Coordinator: vconomy@snhn.org.au.