Older, wiser and healthier: how to flourish in older age


PROVIDER: The University of Sydney

DATE: Wednesday 19 October 2016, 3pm – 6pm

VENUE: Level 6 Seminar Room, Charles Perkins Centre, Johns Hopkins Drive, The University of Sydney


Have you wondered how to stay healthy as we get older? What should we be eating? How much exercise and what type? How do we care for our brain health? Come and learn from experts so that you can make wise lifestyle changes to live healthily.

Join University of Sydney experts including Associate Professor Lee-Fay Low, Professor Maria Fiatarone Singh, Professor Vicki Flood and Professor Lindy Clemson during Education and Research Innovation week to learn what you can do to flourish and thrive.

One hour of talks will be followed by the opportunity to take part in hands on learning in activity stations in the Eastern Avenue Foyer.

Activities include:

  • Balance and resistance training
  • Nutrition lessons
  • Fall-proofing your home
  • Positive thinking exercises
  • Retirement lifestyle discussions

Afternoon tea will be served which will demonstrate a healthy Mediterranean diet.

ENQUIRIES & REGISTRATION: Please email subhechya.adhikari@sydney.edu.au.